Panhandle Aero Academy
» Mechanic & Inspector Training in Crestview, Florida

aircraft inside of hangerPanhandle Aero Academy recently expanded its reach to additional students by opening the Pan Handle Campus. We opened our doors in January and started our first set of classes in April. The parent school has been around for 17 years. We make aviation and electronic education affordable. We are VA certified, meaning students can use their Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Educational Training Benefits. Our school guarantees you will get all of the training you need to become a licensed and certified technician. In the event that you do not pass your exams, we will give you up to 5 hours of additional classes, free, to help you reach your goal and test again.

Panhandle Aero Academy is qualified to train civilian, Active Duty, and Military Veteran personnel. Our student body is roughly a 65%, 35% split between military and civilians. We are associated with the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association and the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers. We are proud to prepare students to enter the fields of Aviation and Electronics and our students will have the knowledge and skills to be a success wherever they go. Our school offers financial assistance and job placement services in addition to classes and testing. We see students primarily from Crestview, Dothan, Panama City, Pensacola, and Milton. Get a prosperous career in a fast-growing, in-demand field and gain experiences that are once in a lifetime. The great thing about our courses is they get you ready for a career in weeks, not years. Taking all of our classes combined is shorter than many other career programs and you get real life, one-on-one training. Soar to new heights, starting today at Panhandle Aero Academy.

5749 John Givens Road • Crestview, FL 32539 (850) 398-5838 or (850) 398-6029